Service & Maintenance

Our maintenance and support services program optimises your information management and overall systems performance/automation

What does an IT support agreement cover?

1st Level

Classic end-user and client/device support via telephone or with hands on intervention. This includes software, operating system and hardware related issues.

2nd Level

Provide maintenance and support for user’s clients and devices, infrastructure setup, prepare and install operating systems and/or applications, as required.

3rd Level

Server and application support (hardware and software) as well as all specialised services that users would require to be able to use and work with their clients and devices.

For each support level, Service-Level Agreements (SLA) need to be adhered to.

Time to delivery remains the main focus of our teams.

When providing on-site support, our consultants join the client’s internal IT team. They will always demonstrate a service-oriented and professional approach.

Our skilled and experience staff are real team players. This is why they will bring additional strengths and benefits to the existing client teams.

Service Hotline and IT Support Desk

We provide a team of technical support consultants, which are available to provide remote support on demand for our existing and new customers.

Our support staff is able to connect to your desktop PC or laptop and quickly fix issues or apply required configuration changes upon your request.

On-Site personnel

According to customer requirements, we can allocate resources for a wide range of on-site support activities. We also strive to allocate a backup resource in order to compensate for any absence due to illness or holiday. We integrate our staff into the respective client’s agenda, ensuring optimal service coverage even during holiday periods.

Remote assistance

Our technical support consultants are available, as agreed in the SLA’s and support contracts. The support underlying technology is previously agreed upon with our clients and implemented accordingly.

In certain scenarios clients will have resources for both remote and on-site support. In this case, we try and ensure the same resources are shared for these tasks in order to reduce overhead for training.

Outsourced support

Should a client want support services without internal staff, then we would propose to provide all support levels with our own support teams. Most often this scenario would imply additional IT outsourcing services.

In some circumstances, the IT infrastructure (servers, firewalls, switches...) is installed on-site and the only possible approach is then to outsource the support and maintenance activities only.

Support & Maintenance

Our maintenance and support services program optimises your information management and overall systems performance/automation, resulting in an increased productivity of the corporate IT end-users.