We provide IT Infrastructure consulting services to mid-range and large-scale organisations in Luxembourg

Information Technology Infrastructure Advisory Services

We provide IT Infrastructure consulting services to mid-range and large-scale organizations in Luxembourg.

Our architects and infrastructure analysts will review and audit your technical IT environments and provide you with recommendations to improve efficiency and keep costs under control.

Design / Redesign

Should the necessity of designing or redesigning an existing or a new infrastructure arise, then we will build you the required solution. Through meticulous interviewing, we strive to identify all prerequisites and needs in order to establish the basis for a perfect design. Once these are identified the architectures, components of both hardware and software, networking, security, and all other aspects are carefully chosen around the aforesaid prerequisites. Only a truly identified requirement can result in the correctly chosen setup. Differentiating between core components and nice-to-have options are a logical result of this approach.


When choices are made and solutions are chosen, we can perform the required integration into completely new or any existing IT environments.


It is well known that the average lifetime of IT products is short, which makes it necessary to regularly migrate various different aspects of the infrastructure. This can result in an overhead of projects and tasks that cannot be handled by internal staff, and on top of that, the required product knowledge is often lacking.

We have been doing migrations for many years and our skilled resources may join and strengthen your team, or even execute the migration projects on their own. Always being on the forefront of technology, continuous training, and hands-on experience make us experts for migration projects.


Our team of specialists performs high-level troubleshooting and analysis within existing setups and environments. Through in-depth platform and system inspection down to sniffing traffic on the network, we use various tools and methods for problem identification, depending highly on the client’s infrastructure and adapting our tactics accordingly.

Proof of concept

Often there are needs for adaptation, addition or replacement of existing solutions and we provide a process to verify these choices. We provide a professionally documented proof of concept and ensure, that the feasibility of possible implementations will be completely verified prior to launching a new project.