Project Management

We manage your IT project throughout the whole lifecycle, ensuring professional quality on time.
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Project Management Services

We follow and manage your IT project throughout the whole project lifecycle, ensuring the delivery of professional quality on time.

Our IT Consultants work on projects within companies that have different fields of activity and backgrounds explaining why Netregie Project Managers are experienced in a wide variety of IT environments that are tailored to the customer’s core business objectives.

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Relying on numerous interventions and involvements in highly diverse customer dependant technical environments, we are continuously increasing our expertise in dealing with high-safety requirements and demanding compliance regulations within complex working environments.

Complex IT projects and processes involving many entities and parties are part of our daily business.

Highly adaptive and flexible projects’ management methodology

Netregie provides comprehensive project management services for any middle- to enterprise- size company.

Directing (runs from project start-up to closure)

  • Initiation
  • Stage boundaries, adjust resources where required
  • Ad hoc direction, monitor progress and handle to exceptions
  • Closure, confirming project result
  • This process does not cover day-to-day project activities

Start-up & Initiation

  • Idea!
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Required resources and partners
  • Desired results
  • Scope of the project

Planning & Directing

  • Preconditions
  • Functional requirements
  • Operational requirements
  • Design limitations
  • Identify dependencies
  • Identify activities
  • Prepare estimates and schedules
  • Analyse risks
  • Documentation

Controlling & Managing Implementation

  • Authorizing tasks
  • Gathering progress information
  • Monitoring changes
  • Reporting
  • Ensuring corrective action, where necessary

Managing Boundaries

  • Assure planed stage deliverables completed
  • Provide information for assessment
  • Provide required information for approval of current stage to continue

Project Closure 

  • Objectives achieved, fulfilment and satisfaction
  • Formal acceptance of deliverables, hand over products
  • Confirm maintenance and operation management
  • Recommendations for follow-on actions
  • Capture and report lessons learned
  • Project final report

IT Service management ITIL v3

Training Services

We provide ITIL v3 training courses in Luxembourg. We cover the complete spectrum of the ITIL Lifecycle training, from ITIL Foundation to ITIL Expert.

Process implementation

We can help your organization to implement the required tools in order to achieve complete ITIL-governed IT processes. These tools -when used by well-trained staff- will optimise your IT infrastructure and its management.