Outsourcing & Staffing

Our talented IT professionals can maintain your information technology infrastructure.

Outsourcing & Staffing Services

Our talented IT professionals can maintain your information technology infrastructure without requiring the full cost of an internal dedicated IT department.


What is IT outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is usually referred to as “the contracting out of, in full or partially, IT business processes, services and functions”. This approach is chosen by businesses that do not want to maintain an internal IT department, but would rather externalize these activities to a third-party service provider, mostly in order to reduce costs and concentrate on core business objectives.

The outsourcing contract is constantly evolving. Indeed, our clients always have the possibility to:

  • Add new components
  • Size (or resize) our service scope for higher performance
  • Phase out any item that would no longer be required

In order to achieve excellence in our outsourcing partnership, all aspects of the existing IT must be assessed. Once this is done, a contract must be negotiated to transition the service to the external partner.

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Relying on numerous interventions and involvements in highly diverse customer dependant technical environments, we are continuously increasing our expertise in dealing with high-safety requirements and demanding compliance regulations within complex working environments.

Complex IT projects and processes involving many entities and parties are part of our daily business.

Required stages of an outsourcing process

Resources/Asset Identification/Assessment

  • HW inventory
  • SW inventory
  • Fixed assets
  • Planed HW changes

Contract Management/Strategy

  • Contracts for warranty
  • Leasing contracts
  • 3rd party vendor agreements
  • Service level agreements


  • New system installation and configuration
  • Customization, imaging, deployment
  • Automation
  • User setup if NEW

Application Distribution/Packaging

  • Packaging solution and process
  • License management
  • SW Deployment and policy control
  • Automation

Patching and System Management

  • Security related patching
  • Update imaging accordingly
  • Antivirus/Antimalware solution and management
  • Automation

Business Continuity

  • Disaster recovery concept
  • Offsite backup
  • Archiving Email/Data

What is an IT Staffing agency?

When the organisation does not want or have the need for internal IT staff members, they can hire these skills from an external staffing company.

Netregie can supply a fully equipped and staffed IT Support or End-User-Service support to your business. Our support teams are trained and familiar with most of the standard business software suites.

We may also supply staff to join you internal IT teams as an extended workbench. Our IT experts are integrated into the daily operations and get assimilated with the internal staff/groups in projects and tasks.

The areas our staff cover are:

We strive to offer professional services with highly trained and flexible individuals and teams. These can work either on-site or remotely.

Netregie consultants are real team players and they will easily integrate into existing organisations. Netregie staff members can cope with the challenges of varying IT landscapes from different fields of activities. Our consultants are also used to working in a global and multicultural environment, as it is often the case in most Luxembourg’s workplaces.