Identity & Access Management (IAM)

We are looking for a new colleague for our Identity and Access Management (IAM) project team with a specialty in Assessment and Documentation.
The position is carried out in the area of an English-speaking environment, with many other nationalities, so any other fluent language (i.e. German, French, Luxembourgish, etc.) is an advantage.
Identity & Access Management (IAM) project for an internal audit/assessment alongside a customer in the passenger aviation space.
The project includes the following key areas of responsibility
  • Work on all aspects of Identity & Access Management (IAM) systems;
  • Perform a structured assessment of up to 250 applications (local and SaaS);
  • Maintaining best practices in terms of IAM methodology (survey, set goals & expectations, preparation and implementation strategy, and progress management);
  • Support the internal IT team and application/development/business stakeholders to produce the necessary documentation, meant to withhold at least an internal audit;
  • Create, rework, and update documentation of the application stack in terms of IAM related aspects.
Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and/or Related Experience:
  • Excellent knowledge of Identity & Access Management (IAM) systems, based on LDAP, OpenLDAP, and other means to manage user identities and their level of access to applications or data within the company;
  • Have a keen understanding of the security implications of IAM related sub-systems, including but not limited to connected applications installed locally, remotely (VPN) or SaaS ,(in the Cloud);
  • Very good communication and interpersonal skills, given the fact that not all application/development/business stakeholders have the necessary information available right away;
  • Must be able to work independently and complete assigned projects with little to no supervision;
  • Must be able to work as part of a team, to produce the documentation and results necessary.
Beneficial Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and/or Related Experience:
  • Manage and administer user access to application systems related to privileged users and or specific access rights;
  • Install, configure, and maintain application services related to (passenger) aviation space;
  • Provide application and service support to developers and internal/external departments (in English);
  • Work with development departments and application operating teams to optimize backend connectivity, network, and security subsystems.
The work is carried out in the office (no remote work). Language requirements: English another language would be an advantage.
We are looking for long-term employees in this area who can work independently with good communication skills and provide an equally long-term and trusting project environment and company philosophy. 
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